The London Photo Show 2020

November 08, 2020
And what a show! I had the immense pleasure to have my images about the “Kowid Diary” on display at this renowned exhibition, in that prestigious Bargehouse Gallery at the Oxo Tower Wharf on the Southbank in London, where all kind of artists and photographers were showing their work, and it gave me the opportunity to connect with great artists i...
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The Kowid Diary on Exhibition at the London Photo Show

October 06, 2020
It is such an honour to have my work exhibited at the London Photo Show 2020 about the "Kowid Diary" (kowid being the Polish spelling given by my Polish friend who worked on the project with me) that shows through powerful photographs the emotions, feelings and hope during the current pandemic. I tried to depict the story of someone, anyone or ever...
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My Choice of Cameras (and Lenses) for Portrait, Landscape and Travel Photography

June 11, 2020
My Go-To cameras and lenses and why I love shooting with them I love cameras of all shapes and eras like all photographers do and I have quite a few but did I mention that “I love cameras”? More than a fact it is a statement. My photography journey and first love with a camera started many years ago when my father gave me his Rolleiflex film came...
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Ice Queen BTS

May 04, 2020
BTS (Behind the Scenes) I have many times worked with a professional team of make-up artists, stylists and models on projects and assignments that were for everyone’s portfolio to show one’s craft or even to be published in a magazine. On this particular occasion I was given the opportunity to work with a very talented make-up artist called Misty...
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Why I shoot on film

April 29, 2020
So why do I take portrait photographs on film in a digital era? Bronica SQai medium format 6x6 Kodak TMax 400 There is definitely a sense of mysterious achievement as well as a certain mood reflected when looking at a print or a photograph captured on film stock with a large, medium format or 35mm cameras (the latter better known as a full fram...
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