The London Photo Show 2020

November 08, 2020

And what a show!


I had the immense pleasure to have my images about the “Kowid Diary” on display at this renowned exhibition, in that prestigious Bargehouse Gallery at the Oxo Tower Wharf on the Southbank in London, where all kind of artists and photographers were showing their work, and it gave me the opportunity to connect with great artists in their fields.

The Bargehouse Gallery

The story behind the London Photo Show Exhibition

“It is now in it’s 4th year and is an open group exhibition. Photographers from all over the world take part, and you can see some truly unique and original artwork. It is organized by the same people behind the 36exp Photographers’ School. The London Photo Show was born out of the knowledge that there are too many good photographers out there with great images not being shown to the world, so they wanted to give those photographers the chance to experience the buzz of showing their work in a central London gallery, as well as experience the excitement of attending their own private view.

By visiting the exhibition, you not only get to see a huge range of photographic styles created by people with a massively diverse set of background, but you also get the chance to buy the artwork and experience something unique”.

The Oxo Tower Wharf

There was some really outstanding work presented at the 2020 exhibition from national and international photographers with various themes and concepts, going from street and travel portrait photography to conceptual and artistic urban images as well as nature and landscape photography, so there was a vast array of interesting images for every visitor to look at.

My narrative photographic story of the “Kowid Diary” couldn’t depict any better the current state of mind and mixed feelings of fear, hope, protection and staying safe perceived by everyone, as it is of course a hot topic nowadays, and was perfectly suited for the exhibition. Besides the grungy, industrial look and décor of the gallery was an ideal match with the derelict location where the “Kowid Diary” was shot.

The complete story of The Kowid Diary is in the “Personal Projects” section on my website, comprised of 31 images to tell the evolution of the entire story, so it was very challenging to narrow it down and choose only 6 images for the exhibition, that would of course still tell the story with coherence.

Despite of the new restrictions applied to London on that weekend due to Covid-19, that consequently limited the number of visitors allowed in the gallery per floor at one time, there was nevertheless a good crowd of people visiting the gallery all day long on the Saturday and Sunday which was very nice to see and connect with.

Prior to the start of the exhibition that lasted for four days, there was the private view the evening before, which was indeed a fantastic buzz as all of my friends (including Ania who contributed to the project with ideas, concept and modelling) came throughout the course of the evening despite of the restrictions and the time slots allocated per six people, that really made my evening even more special to see everyone’s support. I am very grateful and thankful to everyone who came to meet me and see my work exhibited.

 Ania the model of the Kowid Diary story

The Private View Mona Model and photographer friend

It was truly and utterly an amazing experience from a photographer and an artist perspective, especially when you see your work and creative ideas printed and framed on the wall of a well-known gallery.

A special thank you to Andrew the organiser for the planning of the exhibition and his help to set up my frames on the wall.

My gratitude above all goes to my partner who gave me her full support in accomplishing my dream to make this happen to an exhibition in London. I will always be thankful.

That was my first exhibition but certainly not the last as I aim to exhibit a lot more of my work in many galleries.

Stay safe

Au revoir et à bientôt  









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