Ice Queen BTS

May 04, 2020

BTS (Behind the Scenes)

I have many times worked with a professional team of make-up artists, stylists and models on projects and assignments that were for everyone’s portfolio to show one’s craft or even to be published in a magazine.

On this particular occasion I was given the opportunity to work with a very talented make-up artist called Misty and commercial model Lucy on a project that both Misty and I wanted to collaborate on to create an “Ice Queen” look and shoot on location. Misty was very creative with Lucy’s make-up and once the four hours of preparation were over the result was just spectacular as Misty’s imagination to make particles of ice as a hair piece, the hair styling, icy eyelashes and lipstick, as well as icy silver eyebrows, and all in all the overall make-up was fabulous. Lucy had the perfect dress to match the theme and the icy feel.

Top pictures: the preparation 
Misty making her magic happen with Lucy’s make-up

Bottom pictures: ready for the shoot
Ice Queen make-up applied and finished. 
My set up on location during the shoot.

BTS (behind the scenes) are always nice to have for everyone involved to show the evolution of a shoot from the team meeting at the beginning of the day through to the make-up and shoot process until the final edited images are shared with the team.

The same goes for people and potential clients who might wonder how that specific image was created as a “BTS” always gives a good insight of everyone’s job during a shoot and details about the team work that went into making an image.

A “BTS” is very popular amongst photographers, models, stylists, make-up artists and anyone else participating in a shoot regardless of the theme or place and it is always interesting for me to see how other fellow photographers organize and do their shoots.

But let’s have a look at the “BTS” images of that “Ice Queen” photo shoot.

Misty is applying the final touches of make-up on Lucy at the location before I start shooting.

I like to work with flash on location, I can control the ambient light and add a burst of flash to create a dramatic effect. I am setting up the flash pointing directly at Lucy with no flash modifiers, I took a few “test shots” and we were good to go.

As it was a late afternoon in March the temperature had dropped but Lucy was brave enough to stand bare feet in the cold water at the top of the waterfall, thanks to her the images were fabulous.

By now the natural light is falling fast and it’s getting really cold so I have to photograph the last images quickly.

Misty is once again touching up Lucy’s make-up for the last part of the shoot, 

I have now brought in a second flash gun with a blue gel on (CTB colour temperature blue) and the other flash gun has a CTO (colour temperature orange) to preserve the skin tones and a smoke bomb!

After capturing some more images of Lucy with different poses, it was a “WRAP”.

I reviewed all the images taken on my computer and the choice was difficult as there were so many stunning pictures of the make-up, the poses and the lighting.

The editing process was very interesting as I had to learn some new techniques to create the snow as well as the icy look on Lucy.

And voila! The final edited image…

The Ice Queen

There are many "behind the scenes" images from various photo shoots that I personally have, there is also a lot shared on social media from other photographers, models, or make-up artists as it is somehow a trend not only in the photographers world but also in the modelling field that show how people interact on a shoot which can be instructive and fun.

If somehow you would like to discover more about "BTS" I suggest you check ISO1200 Magazine on Instagram or Facebook as they are great at showing "behind the scenes" from photographers as well as some other interesting articles on various photography subjects. Below is the link to their website and Instagram. / @iso1200magazine

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On my next blog I will be talking about the cameras that I use in the studio, on location or when travelling abroad (when that was still possible!) and why I use them, so stay tuned.

Au revoir et a bientôt.                                   

Team Credits:

Hair and make-up artist: 

Misty from Misty Visions

Misty won a few hair and make-up competitions and is based in Windsor

[email protected]

Insta: @mistysvisions

Model and stylist:

Lucy fashion and commercial model at QVC UK Model

Miss Sussex 2015

Miss Kingston-Upon-Thames 2016

Miss Surrey 2017

Miss Scuba UK 1st runner up 2018

Insta: @lucyekent


Stephane Leblon photography

[email protected]

Insta: @stephane.lphotography








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