Ash Rowley(non-registered)
Stephane is truly an excellent and experienced photographer and provided excellent direction while taking the time to ensure he captures the best images possible.

Communication is key, and Stephane’s comms throughout have been excellent along with his time management.

Stephane was very easy to work with and we were both very happy with the results from our recce and shoot.

I was very impressed with Stephane’s work ethic and love his passion and enthusiasm towards his work; I cannot wait to collaborate with him again on our future project.
I had a great on location shoot with Stephane. The pre-shoot comms were excellent and he had clearly researched and prepared his location well. We used a business park for a business look, as well as in town and a local park for natural backgrounds. He shot with 3 cameras, digital, black & white and colour celluloid (no pressure), he takes time between shots to get it right in the camera and has a great eye for detail.

Stephane is friendly and gives good easy to follow direction which for an inexperienced model such as myself is invaluable.

I highly recommend a shoot with Stephane and look forward to the images.
Elle Frances(non-registered)
Stephane is an absolute gentleman and amazing photographer! He reached out to me to do a shoot in Titchfield Abbey, exploring different outfits, poses and styles! Pre-shoot communication was outstanding, and he came ready with many props and cameras!

We overall had an amazing shoot, and I’d definitely recommend Stephane to anyone! Look forward to seeing the images and discussing ideas for the New Year!

Thank you so much, Stephane!
Yolanda Barreto(non-registered)
Magnificent, truly magnifique!

I can honestly say Stephane is by far one of the best if not the very best photographer I have had the joy of working with!

Clear, calm, precise, detail and stunning results. Stephane will inspire you and guide you to achieve better, a true photographer with a great eye and vision who makes capturing that moment seem effortless!

Extremely conscious and caring, a true professional and I would highly recommend him should you ever need a photographer to capture that perfect moment, I loved working with him and would do so anytime!
Ejan Hendrickson(non-registered)
What an amazing photographer Stephane is! The whole process so quick and simple, from start to finish it was perfect. Stephane knew how to capture the best shot with the correct angles and he worked with the sunlight to bring out the best images he could. I would recommend Stephane to any model as he will bring the absolute best out of them and create some stunning photos. He has helped me out with the different type of poses that correspond to the different outfits and I am overcome with amazement with how well the photos turned out. Thank you Stephane, this was the kickstart I needed to peruse my modelling career.
Anna Frej (@sagittariana)(non-registered)
I had a pleasure of shooting with Stephane on three separate occasions over the past few years. That included studio and on location shooting. Each time I left the shoot energised by our team work and excited about the results. Stephane is very creative and dedicated to making the best of the shoot. The images he shoots are stunning with the light, the depth, and the perspective straight from the camera.
Shooting with Stephane is an inspirational experience. Stephane is an amazing artist with the vision and the knowledge of how to produce images that stand out.
I absolutely love working with Stephane. I respect his style of work and admire his photography skills. He makes me feel understood and comfortable. I'm looking forward to our next shoot.
To sum up my experience of shooting with Stephane: a fantastic team work that shows in the quality of the art produced. I recommend Stephane to anyone searching for a great photographer, whether that be for a personal event, an editorial or an experimental photography.
Rebecca Wootton (Bee Louise)(non-registered)
I had the pleasure of modelling for Stephane on Monday 9th March 2020. I was welcomed into his home studio with open arms, and with plenty of refreshments on offer! Stephane is a true gentleman, a fantastic artist and now a friend within the photography/modelling world. His patience, guidance, direction and vision is encapsulated beautifully within his work and his professionalism.

I would highly recommend working with Stephane, we had a wonderful day together creating content for the both of us, and I am very much looking forward to our future work together.
Amy Claire(non-registered)
Stephane is a creative and talented photographer. A perfectionist about his work, yet laid-back and full of patience and encouragement for a new model. He gave me a lot of useful tips about how to look at the camera and how to pose comfortably for portraits. He is affable with a great sense of humour and good at reading people, being able to tell if a pose was slightly uncomfortable for me and then helping me find a more relaxed and comfortable pose. Although it was the hottest and most humid day of the summer, he kept the photoshoot calm and cool, and I had a really lovely time. Looking forward to working with Stephane again some time.
Zuzana Spacirova(non-registered)
Stephane is one of a kind I have to say, thinking of every small detail and making sure it's up to perfection - when it comes to both his work and comfort of the model. He made sure we had breaks throughout, took care of the lunch and dropped me from and back to the station which made the whole day so much more relaxing and enjoyable. Photos received super fast with lovely edit on top, what else could one ask for! Highly recommend.
Stephane is an amazing professional!
it has been an absolute pleasure to shoot with this highly talented photographer! Highly recommended!
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