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This is a project about the strange times spent since the beginning of the pandemic, called the "Kowid Diary" (kowid being the Polish spelling given by my Polish friend who worked on that project with me) that tells through a photograph from many, all the various state of mind, emotions, deep feelings, frustrations, fear and hope (including for all medical staff across the world) that have been felt for many months and could be everyone's story.

The story was shot on both digital and film cameras.

Six prints from the set were on display at The London Photo Show exhibition (October 15th-18th 2020)
The London Photo Show 2020"An Ordinary Day""Last Time Out""Facing the Unknown Speechless""Do I want to See the Reality?""It's Everywhere""Total Lockdown""Patiently Waiting""My World is Falling Apart""Springtime from a Distance""I Miss Life""Once Upon a Time When my Life was Mine""Losing my Mind""Lockdown Escape""Missing Protection""Struggling to Protect""Isolation""Every Day is a Challenge" (Thank You NHS)"Clean, Clean, Clean""Is This Going to End One Day?"